President Obama Called John Farrell, Expressed Surprise Over David Ortiz's Hitting .700

By Mike Cardillo

President Barack Obama found time to call manager John Farrell on Election Day to congratulate the Red Sox skipper on winning the World Series last week. Obama, a White Sox fan, said he — like most baseball fans — didn’t expect David Ortiz to bat over .700 during the Series.

There’s a lot of jumps in the video. One can only assume the edited portions of the clip involve Obama and Farrell talking about beards. As a country it’s been a full century since William Howard Taft — the last U.S. President with facial  hair — sat in office, which is a crying shame. Chester A. Arthur is surely spinning over in his grave at this development.

In other baseball political news, the newly elected Mayor of New York, Bill de Blasio, is apparently a Red Sox fan. It just keeps getting worse for Yankees fans.

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