Prepare For the Ball Family to Re-Enter the Sports News Cycle

LaVar and LaMelo Ball
LaVar and LaMelo Ball / Cassy Athena/Getty Images

LaMelo Ball is a top prospect in the upcoming NBA Draft and will, in all likelihood, be a top-3 selection, top-5 at worst. This means the Ball family will be, yet again, front and center in the sports news cycle for a while. Not that they ever really left that realm.

Things kick-started today in that regard when LaMelo held a press conference after a workout during the draft combine with media. He was asked about his father LaVar's comments that he would be a bad fit with the Golden State Warriors. LaVar made those comments in June. LaMelo brushed it off and made it abundantly clear that this draft cycle would not go the way older brother Lonzo's did.

He also gave some additional quotes that will drive content for many an NBA blog today.

It would seem the Ball brothers are interested in distancing themselves from their father beyond fleeing the Big Baller Brand like a sinking ship. LaVar's antics have yet to cost his kids anything substantial outside of the court of public opinion, given Lonzo still went second overall in the 2017 NBA Draft and is poised for a raise soon. But LaMelo isn't taking any chances.

This will only be the first of many soundbites leading up to the draft, folks. Buckle up. The Ball Family news cycle is up and running like the industrial machine it is.