River of Wine Flows Through Streets in Portugal

Look at that.

We waited for months and months for meaningful professional football. Most of it was bad and for whatever reason we have yet to enjoy very much in the way of interesting content in reaction to the stimulus. It's really, really weird. Perhaps everyone is just watching for Aaron Rodgers and the New York Jets to pick up the reins and lead us through another week. So that's why you're getting a clip of wine gushing through the streets of Levira, Portugal following a containment break at a distillery.

If it looks like, damn that sure is a lot of wine, that's because there are 2.2 million liters of it rushing through those alleys. That's 600,000 gallons. They could fill an Olympic-sized pool with the lost product but it wouldn't make much sense to do that, so they won't.

The local fire department diverted the flow so it wouldn't go into a local river and eventually got it to drain into a field.