Popular Mechanics Calls Utah a "Cupcake Game" for Michigan, Is Not A Sports Magazine

Kyle Koster

Jim Harbaugh’s debut as Michigan coach is just eight days away. Anticipation is palpable. The khaki enthusiast will finally get a chance to prove himself on the football field after an offseason spent proving he can create clickable blog content.

The Wolverines will have an opponent in the game, and a formidable one at that. Utah went 9-4 last season and are a 5.5-point favorite in Las Vegas. They have homefield advantage and beat Michigan 26-10 last year.

But according to Popular Mechanics, the Utes shouldn’t even bother to show up.

The magazine opted to include the season opener in its September calendar with the description: “College football season gets underway tonight with the University of Michigan in a cupcake game against Utah.”


As you’d expect, the Utes aren’t thrilled by the categorization. The calendar is already hanging up in their locker room because football teams need all the extra motivation they can get.

"“Our team is always juiced no matter what,” said Utah senior wide receiver Kenneth Scott.  “So, with that little thing that they put in our locker room about us being a cupcake game it definitely puts more intensity into the game, just because of that little statement that was made.  And plus we’re always trying to prove everybody wrong, because everyone sees us as the underdog, so we always have the chip on our shoulder.”"

Savvy move by Popular Mechanics. Stir up the pot and let the social mentions flow in. The sports opinion marketplace can always use another contrarian take.

[Detroit Free Press]

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