Poku, The Most Interesting Man in Oklahoma, Will Not Reveal Contents of Fanny Pack

Poku postgame interview fit.
Poku postgame interview fit. /

Aleksej Pokusevski is one of the most fascinating rookies in the NBA this season. After spending a few notable weeks in the NBA G League, he returned to the Thunder and has shown some flashes. None more enticing than yesterday when he showed up to the Thunder's game against the Pistons wearing a fanny pack.

He is just a fascinating human being. He is only 19-years-old. He's seven-feet tall and less than 200 pounds and he is getting a chance to figure things out in the NBA. He's scored in the double-digits for five of the last seven games. He's 26 percent from three this season, but has had some good shooting games since the Thunder gave him expanded minutes in March and April. He has so much potential.

How can you not be intrigued by this guy? Not just because he refused to confirm that he had chapstick or a granola bar in his fanny pack, but because he looks like Slenderman raided Russell Westbrook's closet.

He's a man of mystery. He may be the future of the Oklahoma City Thunder. He is Poku.