Podcaster Absolutely Destroys Entire Concept of Cooking One's Own Meals


Justin Waller, a podcaster with strong following who is committed to presenting a gentleman's guide to being an abundant man, shared some of his thoughts on the great order out vs. cook for yourself debate on a recent show and it's 34 seconds of pure, pedal-to-the-metal thrills.

Apparently his father asked him if doing some in-kitchen meal preparation would be more fiscally responsible, setting the table for a throughly entertaining takedown extolling takeout.

"Let's talk about that scenario," Waller said. "Call in the valet, getting downstairs in the elevator to the valet, getting in the G-wagon, burning fuel, sitting in traffic on Biscayne to go to Publix. Trying to find a parking spot at Publix. Getting out,. Looking around the store for what I want — dude, I want f--king chicken or steak. Getting the food, all the ingredients. Going home. Parking again. Going back up the elevator. Getting the pots and pans out. Cooking like a f--king idiot. Ehhhhh, I'm cooking! I'm saving money! The Dial soap that costs $8 a little bottle. Uhhh! Uhhh! Clean the dishes. Clean the plates. F--king nerds."

Just an masterclass from a man wearing a sports coat to create content.

He gives people so much to think about. Because when you do start to consider all the steps to doing anything, you're left with one conclusion and one conclusion alone. And it's that doing anything sucks. There are so many steps to everything. It's a miracle any of us get through the day.