PODCAST: Mike Ryan, Executive Producer of the Dan Le Batard Show


Mike Ryan, Executive Producer of the Dan Le Batard Show stops by to join the podcast:

We discussed:

  • How did Mike get to the Dan Le Batard Show?
  • Is it really THAT fun?
  • Stugotz’s character
  • Is the show good, or really bad?
  • Worrying about what the bosses will think of the content
  • Who decided the show would be what it is?
  • Is Will Cain Johnny Cash?
  • Why he doesn’t really care for the NFL anymore
  • His thoughts on my LeBron James take?
  • Are sports takes boring?
  • Does he want LeBron back in Miami?
  • Is Brock Lesnar annoying?
  • Should the UFC let Lesnar and Jon Jones juice for the fight?
  • Ronda Rousey’s potential in the WWE.
  • What he watches on TV

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