PM Roundup: Torrie Wilson; Jalen Ramsey vs. Tyreek Hill; C.J. Fuller Dead At 22


The Big Lead’s PM Sports Roundup, which liked game 163 but hates the one-game wild card.

Torrie with some inspiration: Torrie Wilson hasn’t been in the public eye much over the last few years but she has been absolutely tearing up Instagram. On Thursday she dished out some inspirational words.

Jalen goes after Tyreek: Jalen Ramsey has gone after a new target, as he says Tyreek Hill is more of a kick returner than a receiver.

Fuller dead at 22: Former Clemson running back C.J. Fuller has died at the age of 22 according to a statement from the university. No details have been released yet. Fuller was a member of the school’s 2016 national title team.

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