PM Roundup: Mia Khalifa's Recruiting Pitch, Is Mike Francesa a Mush?


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Mia Khalifa Continues to Provide Benefits for FSU

Francesa is Not a Mush, Okay?

It’s Not Twue, It’s Not Twue

Named After the Field of His Parents’ Dreams

See You at the Alumni Cookouts and Other “Extra-Curricular Events,” Warren

My Mind Is a Raging Torrent, Flooded with Rivulets of Thought Cascading into a Waterfall of Creative Alternatives

This Date in TBL History: Ty on Gus Johnson and the Voice of American Soccer (2014) … Squints and Ham Showed Up to a Sandlot Screening at Target Field (2013) … The Champions League Final Took Place, and a Bayern fan picked her nose on TV (2012) … “I’m in the camp that sees Steph Curry as Jimmer Fredette’s most similar peer in the NBA” from the Stephen Douglas Fredette glory days (2011).

Miscellaneous: more assignments for Women’s World Cup, including Grant Wahl as correspondent-at-large and Jenny Taft embedded with USWNT … Adrian Robinson’s death ruled a suicide … Rafael Furcal formally retires.