PM Roundup: LeBron Liked an Instagram Booty, Pacquiao Class Action Suit, Isiah Thomas to the WNBA


Welcome to the PM Sports Roundup. This is an idea we will be experimenting with over the next few months. What can you expect? Well, we see lots of content as we work through our day. Some of it we may not be something that needs more detail to be discuss, some of it is newsworthy but not worth standing alone, some of it is funny. Expect this between 4 & 5 PM Eastern Time each day. 

LeBron Likes PerfectBooties

Class Action Suits, Non-disclosed injuries. Sometimes I Just Don’t Get and Appreciate Boxing


John Carlson retires a few days before his 31st birthday


Like the Seahawks, James Dolan Did His Homework 


Marginally Better than Getting a 2015 Kentucky National Champs Tattoo, I S’pose


Too Soon?


Miscellaneous: Broncos’ site “It’s All Over Fatman” is closing shop, citing not being able to separate out feelings toward brain injuries and writing about the sport … a good breakdown of legal issues involving A-Rod, the Yankees, and milestone bonuses … a roundup of NFL Draft Grades … the “La’El Collins’ Story Has No Winners”.