PM Roundup: LaMelo Ball Gets 16th Birthday Lamborghini


The Big Lead’s PM Roundup, where we were told to get a job on our 16th birthday.

LaMelo Ball is now 16, and has his own car: LaMelo got a Lamborghini and a shoe line for his 16th birthday, what did you get?

That puts him in good company with his older brothers.

Justin Upton to the Angels: Detroit continues to sell, can Mike Trout get enough help to get to the postseason?

CBS Exec says Colin Kaepernick protests were a factor in ratings decline: Citing proprietary research, Sean McManus said “But I think if you look at some of the reasons why NFL viewership was down last year, that is a reason that’s mentioned by a fair amount of viewers.”

This is your reminder that primetime slots saw the biggest declines, and Kaepernick, playing for San Francisco in the NFC, appeared on CBS twice.

Everyone picks Alabama to make the playoffs: Here’s ESPN expert picks for the college football season.

A summary of the percentage of times each team was picked for the Final Four–

Alabama- 100%
Ohio State- 89%
Florida State- 68%
Washington- 39%
USC – 37%
Oklahoma State – 16%
Oklahoma and Clemson – 13%
Stanford – 11%
Wisconsin and Auburn – 5%
Penn State and Miami – 3%

Seems like some value with the Big 12 champ (only 29% of them have a Big 12 team making it)

Lute Olson is getting a statue, up until now you can only read about him in history books: Lute Olson made the Arizona program what it is today, and will get his own statue soon.

Tweet (highlight) of the Day: That goal speaks in any language.

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