Please Stop Saying Nick Wright's Hair is Fake

Kyle Koster

Fox Sports personalities Jason Whitlock and Nick Wright each decided to let their hair grow out. The new seedlings have inspired an almost concerning number of people to speculate that this is fake hair or something fishy is taking place. This is no surprise as the public has grown more conspiratorial.

Both told The Big Lead on the record that their hair is real. But that’s done little to quell the keyboard assassins who want to keep this idea going, to blow the lid off these lids. Now Enes Kanter is involved.

The Boston Celtics’ new big man called Wright’s mop a “disaster” after the First Things First co-host had some criticism for the C’s offseason moves. Wright, who is understandably defensive of his luscious locks, answered.

Lord knows I don’t ask for much, but I would like for everyone to take these men at their word. I’m not sure our society can survive such prolonged divisiveness.

As a man with a hairline that is increasingly questionable, it’s inspiring to see two men find their best look despite the haters. They should be praised, not knocked down, for these efforts.