Please No More Articles About Al Michaels

Cooper Neill/GettyImages

Al Michaels is one of the best broadcasters to ever speak into a microphone. Kirk Herbstreit is fantastic and a hell of a supportive teammate. Amazon's second year broadcasting the NFL has been perfectly in line with those who have been doing it longer. But enough is enough. We've hit critical mass when it comes to everyone associated with this product of "firing back" at critics.

The latest comes courtesy of Herbstreit's appearance on Pardon My Take and it really deserves to be the last word on the topic, which unbelievably still persists.

"He has much more of an eff you attitude than I’m going to show them," Herbstreit said of Michaels. "So he thinks it’s a bunch of bulls---, I think it’s a bunch of bulls---, and I think it’s a narrative that social media is kind of running with."

Great. That settles it. Once again we've been assured that those on the broadcast think Michaels is doing a wonderful job and it's just a bunch of basement bloggers with nothing better to do than create a misleading narrative who are causing trouble. That's all perfectly clear now.

Consider this a desperate plea to anyone who gets an audience with anyone from Amazon's team team to stop asking them about it. It's been covered. There's nothing more to say about the topic. There cannot be a single person on the planet who feels passionately enough about their critique of Michaels and his energy level to require getting this many responses to it.

It feels like we should all come to some sort of truce here. No one will mention if a call feels sleepy or Michaels feels annoyed or literally anything as long as we don't have to hear about how he and his partners disagree with random people on social media and their evaluations. We'll all be much happier.

Like, of course the person being criticized doesn't agree with the criticism. Of course that person's partners and teammates are going to be in their corner.

Enough. Please no more.