Playing Golf in Hurricane Force Winds is a Bit Extreme and Kind of Like a Real Life Caddy Shack Moment


The video above is of Tommy Hyndman playing golf at Fair Isle Lighthouse Keepers Golf Course in Scotland – more pictures in here. The course is considered the most remote golf course in Scotland and the UK.

The course looks easy, but throw in 72 mph winds and ocean spray and foam and it turns into my idea of golf hell. I can’t tell where the guy’s tee shot went and it’s very likely that he couldn’t either. If it landed in that sea foam water hazard stuff, good luck finding a white ball, if he actually made it somewhat close to the green, that’s impressive.

The chip onto the green is the best shot we get of exactly how tough it is to play in 72 mph winds with water spraying your face.

I wonder if he broke the club record.

[HT Back9]