Pittsburgh Man Uses News Interview to Achieve Some Sort of Salt Truck Fantasy Camp Situation


A winter storm system ripped through Pittsburgh yesterday, dropping some snow. Fans of Punxsutawney Phil need not fret though, as local weatherman Phil Connors insists all the moisture from the Gulf is going to push off to the East and hit Altoona.

The snowfall made transportation more difficult on Monday, especially as some of the roads didn't get the privilege of a visit from a salt truck. Anyone who has ever lived on a neglected avenue or boulevard knows the natural frustration that come with seeing the roadways remain slick and perilous. So the response from one local resident — William Weichler — seems reasonable.

The man makes a point. If no one wants to drive the truck around, he'll do it for free. Plowing the roads would make his damn day. You can tell just by looking at him that he'd be incredible in the role.

It is always so endearing to watch a person come so close to achieving peak dad. It's my working theory that at least half the fathers out there are convinced they could do any project better than the workers tasked with doing it. It's why construction sites draw men in like honey. They don't know why they're standing there Monday Morning Quarterbacking the whole thing, but they are. And that's what matters.

Respect to Mr. Weichler and really any person willing to use the power of local news to fulfill some sort of hard-labor fantasy camp dream they may have.