Pirates Announcer Steve Blass Embarrasses Himself Again With Ronald Acuña Comments


Steve Blass doesn’t like a certain type of player. You can call them “flashy” I guess, but there might be something else going on with the Pittsburgh Pirates announcer.

On Tuesday night he went out of the way to comment on Atlanta Braves star Ronald Acuña’s “jewelry and stuff.” Blass took it further by implying “back in day” a guy like Acuña would get thrown at. Then he was angry that Acuña looked at Pittsburgh’s pitcher after getting hit with an inside fastball.


If this was his first brush with this kind of statement, maybe I’d let it slide, but check out what he had to say about Chicago Cubs star Javier Baez back in 2017:

His broadcast partner, Greg Brown, asked Blass if it was Baez’s flashiness that he didn’t like, and Blass responded, “That’s a nice way to put it…his flashiness.”


Blass is 77 and is thankfully in his final year in the broadcast booth. That kind of crap is just really hard to listen to.