Picture of Young Stephen A. Smith in a Very Busy Vest Delights Internet


Before he was the No. 1 opinion-maker at ESPN and before he was Philadelphia’s most inquiring sports columnist, Stephen A. Smith was a college student at Winston-Salem State University. There he played basketball and wrote for the school paper. He was always willing to say what he believed needed to be said, like the time he penned an piece stating his coach should step down due to health problems.

We also know that, during this time, he wore this terrific vest.

ESPN’s wardrobe department should move heaven and earth to recreate this sartorial wonder for a First Take segment this week. Nostalgia and late-80s fashion is so hot right now. Max Kellerman can do his rap. You know, make an event of it with a #TBT hashtag or something.

[HBCU Gameday]