Phillies' Hooters Girl Misplays Ground Ball, Luckily It's Still Spring Training


The Philadelphia Phillies employ Hooters waitresses – or just women dressed as Hooters waitresses – as ballgirls during Spring Training. They’ve been doing it for years, but every season it still comes as a surprise. It also seems like every single year something like this happens.

During the bottom of the 3rd new Phillies outfielder Howie Kendrick ripped a foul ball to one of the ballgirls who was unable to make a play on the ball. She did a pretty good job getting her glove down, but just wasn’t able to square up in front of the ball and it went off her foot into the stands.

Here’s a Hooters girl having trouble throwing the ball into the stands last year. Here’s one fielding a fair ball back in 2013.