Security Guard Completely Jacks Up Phillies Fan in Parking Lot Outside Game 7


Citizens Bank Park in Philadelphia is a zoo tonight as the Phillies try to defeat the Arizona Diamondbacks in Game 7 of the National League Division Series. The crowd is furious and engaged even as the visiting team jumped out to a 1-0 lead in the first inning because there's a lot of baseball left to watch. Not for this guy, though, whose night took an abrupt turn when he was obliterated by a security guard in the parking lot not long after the full starting lineups could be announced.

Now, far be it for us to armchair quarterback a person just out there living their best life but if you have even a small hunch that you're a person of interest — or even a person who has made it onto crowd control's radar — it's imperative to have your head on a swivel. It's really hard to have 99 awareness when there's a trip to the World Series on the line and other things have been done in that parking lot but this should serve as a cautionary tale. The tackler in yellow went high and completed the job with flair and power.

That's gotta hurt. It might hurt less if the Phillies win.