Bryson Stott's Pencil Bat Was Incredible

Little League Classic bats were unusual.
Rob Carr/GettyImages

The Washington Nationals survived a late Philadelphia Phillies rally to win the Little League Classic on Sunday, which has become one of the bright spots of the Major League Baseball season. Everyone lucky enough to be in Williamsport will have a lifetime of memories. From the kids who got to see their favorite pros up close to the pros who got a peek at the kids who will grow up and take their jobs to the chaperones who are probably still sleeping from exhaustion. Everyone else who watched on ESPN or checked out the KidCast on ESPN2 will just remember Bryson Stott's pencil bat.

Because that thing was awesome.

The Phillies shortstop went up to the dish with something straight out of the novelty section of the Dixon-Ticonderoga gift shop — a piece of lumber that looked as though it could be used to swat a dinger or write the next great American novel. He used it to collect a single in four at-bats but once he takes it down to an industrial-strength sharpener, the extra-base hits are going to come fast and furious.

Stott's teammate Bryce Harper went up there with a Phillie Phanatic-type piece of lumber and a few other players got in on the fun, too.

But that bat. It really looks like a pencil!