Phillies Announcer Kevin Stocker Teases Upcoming 'Dickhead' Night at the Ballpark

Mitchell Leff/GettyImages

Kevin Stocker is on the short list of former Phillies middle infielders whose name makes you smile, along with Mickey Morandini, Juan Samuel, and Desi Relaford. So it's good to see that he's still bringing joy to the people on a regular basis as a radio broadcaster for the team. Last night he was tasked with doing a read for the upcoming Dick Allen bobblehead night at Citizens Bank Park and created something even more magical than whatever the brains over at Johnson Controls were even envisioning.

Here's what happens when particularly dense copy collides with a pitch clock. Pressure can create diamonds or it can burst pipes.

We're going to check the files but this may be one of the few times in recorded history a sports broadcast has featured the word "dickhead" and not have it come from an on-field microphone.

You can feel the tension in your plums after Stocker's read as he and Scott Franzke try to move past it but simply cannot get there. Still, this is solid laughter-control given the circumstances.

Also, since when did they start calling these things bobble figurines? They're bobbleheads. Get over yourself.