How Fun Would Philip Rivers to the Patriots Be?

Could Philip Rivers replace Tom Brady?
Could Philip Rivers replace Tom Brady? / David Eulitt/Getty Images

Somehow lost in the sizzling "If Tom Brady leaves the Patriots" hypotheticals is who would get his job. If Brady departs, the Pats could have luck on their side — for the first time in two decades, I may add — with this year's quarterback free-agent market filled with viable candidates. The most exciting move of the offseason, after Brady leaving, would be New England replacing him with the one player who looks better in a suit: Philip Rivers.

Yesterday, on ProFootballTalk Live, Peter King drafted New England as a landing spot for Rivers. King said Rivers fits if the Patriots use him as a one- two-year option as they develop the quarterback of the future. That could either be Jarrett Stidham or a quarterback taken by New England in one of the upcoming drafts. The Patriots have the 23rd overall pick in 2020's edition.

This scenario is crammed with storylines and all of them are fantastic.

We'd get must-see press conferences. We'd get Rivers blowing up on the field while Bill Belichick's face remains the same as it has his entire life. Angry Boston people will be involved. And, of course, we'd be subject to hot takes of various forms.

The most exciting outcome would be Rivers going deep into the playoffs with Belichick. Which could happen with that coach, that defense, and a few upgrades in the receiving core.

Here are just three key, must-ask question that would follow:

1. Does this prove it's always been more Belichick than Brady?

2. Rivers or Brady?

3. So, Tom Brady is a system quarterback, right?

It'd be much less thrilling if Rivers goes to New England and sucks. But not terrible. This one question would suffice for the time being:

1. Is Belichick a good coach?

I don't want to get too far ahead of myself in case this doesn't happen. Perhaps, Brady will stay in New England and Rivers will start in Indianapolis. As unfortunate as that sounds, it's still in cards.