Philip Rivers and the Las Vegas Raiders Would Be a Solid Marriage of Convenience

Ryan Glasspiegel
Philip Rivers and Jon Gruden
Philip Rivers and Jon Gruden / Sean M. Haffey/Getty Images

Philip Rivers might be finished, or he might just need a change of scenery. All it takes to see that he is broken is one look at his demeanor when he talks about the latest road crowd to overrun the Chargers' "home" stadium in Los Angeles. When they move into Stan Kroenke's new billions-plex next season, it may actually get even worse as there will be more territory for the visitors to conquer.

Jon Gruden and the Raiders are reportedly considering the idea of moving on from Derek Carr, and Rivers is a looming free agent. This is a marriage of convenience that is the optimal situation for both sides. Rivers would get to stay in the general geographic vicinity of his family in San Diego (it's about a five-hour drive to Vegas), play for a team that seems to be on the rise, and escape the wretched Chargers organization.

From the Raiders' perspective, Rivers could be a slight upgrade to Carr at this point in their respective careers. Rivers is averaging more yards per attempt this season -- 8.0 vs. 7.8 -- though it should be noted that Rivers has thrown approximately 1,000 INTs this year (actually it's 18, but they've come in bunches).

Nonetheless, the idea that a change of scenery could reignite Rivers is tantalizing. The Raiders make more sense from all sides for Rivers than franchises like the Bears, Colts or Panthers that may be in the market for a quarterback. Unless the Raiders could somehow lure Tom Brady, Rivers would be as buzzy a name as they could get.

Furthermore, there would be an understanding given that Rivers is 38 years-old that he's not the longterm solution. It would thus give the Raiders the option to find a quarterback in the draft without the pressure to start him right away, giving the QB of the future time to develop into the role.

Rivers and the Raiders would maybe work out on the field and maybe not. Nevertheless, it's undeniable that it would be great content. From this angle, it's also the best move both sides have got.