Philip Rivers Has Been Feeding a Homeless Person Who Lives Outside Qualcomm Stadium?


The NFL held a town hall meeting in San Diego on Wednesday night to talk about the Chargers possible move. Hundreds of fans showed up to boo the Spanos family that owns the team and special counsel guy Mark Fabiani. Fans also had an opportunity to voice their opinions while a small minority spoke about how the taxpayers shouldn’t have to fund a new stadium because there are more important things the money should be spent on. (That guy was also booed.)

One interesting tidbit to come from the night was something that KGTV’s Ben Higgins tweeted that he overheard.

Yes, apparently Phil Rivers feeds an orphan who lives outside Qualcomm Stadium. This sounds eerily similar to something from season 5 on The Wire, but if it’s real then somebody in San Diego needs to track this person down and get this story.