Philip Rivers Wants to Continue Playing Football in 2020

Ryan Phillips
Philip Rivers, Los Angeles Chargers
Philip Rivers, Los Angeles Chargers / Kevork Djansezian/Getty Images

Philip Rivers wants to continue playing football after this season. Following the Los Angeles Chargers' embarrassing loss in their final "home" game of 2019, the 38-year-old quarterback said he wants to continue his career beyond this season.

When asked if he planned to keep playing he said the following:

""I'm capable enough physically and mentally, there's no question. Yes, I do want to play football. I do, and that's how I feel deep down as I stand here.""

He said he needed to discuss things with his family after the season and make sure they were on board with his decision to keep playing. There's also the matter of having a team to play for, as the Chargers have made no indication that they want to bring him back.

Rivers says he knows he can still play at the NFL level:

""But I know I can still do it, and I know I can still do it at a high enough level for us to win. I have not done it well enough this year, but I still do love to play, and love to lead these guys and this team. It's been an array of things that have compounded, to keep us from winning enough games to advance into the tournament.""

The Chargers are 5-10 this season after opening the campaign with the hype of a Super Bowl contender. It's been a wildly disappointing year compounded by injuries and home games taken over by fans of opposing teams.

After Sunday's contest -- which saw Raiders fans dominate the stands -- Rivers spoke to how disheartening it has been to play without a home-field advantage:

Rivers is clearly alluding to the home-field advantage the Chargers used to enjoy in San Diego. And he's clearly never fully embraced the team's move to Los Angeles. Rivers still lives in San Diego and commutes to practice, meetings and games.

The fact that Rivers hasn't given the move to LA his approval has to irk owner Dean Spanos and his idiot kids who helped him to uproot his franchise. They are continually attempting to sell the relocation as a success and it's hard to do that when the team's most recognizable player doesn't want anything to do with it.

At this point it seems likely Rivers will not be back with the Chargers. He's an impending free agent and the team hasn't approached him about a contract extension.

If he's going to continue playing it may have to be elsewhere.