Philadelphia Eagles are Trading with Cleveland to Get 2nd Overall Pick


The Philadelphia Eagles will become the second team to trade into the top of this year’s NFL Draft, announcing today that they have acquired the Cleveland Browns’ pick at 2nd overall, in exchange for a group of picks that include this year’s 8th overall pick and next year’s first rounder.

In total, the Eagles are getting the 2nd overall pick, plus a fourth round pick next year.

The Browns are getting this year’s 1st round (8th overall), 3rd round (77th overall), and 4th round (100th overall) picks, plus a 2017 1st rounder, and a 2018 2nd rounder.

This move would almost certainly have to be for a quarterback to pay that bounty. But then again, the Eagles extended Sam Bradford and also signed Chase Daniel to an above-average (for a backup) contract. Maybe we’ll see more movement in the quarterback carousel with the Eagles going in this very aggressive direction.