Phil Simms' NFL Workout From 1987 is Amazing, Something We Should All Be Doing


Phil Simms had a stellar career as quarterback of the New York Giants. He managed to excel in the toughest media market imaginable and captained a win in Super Bowl XXI. Then he established himself as one of the most formidable analysts covering games in media. But, obviously, the first thing anyone thinks about when they hear his name is at-home fitness videos -- and for good reason.

Simms' classic 1987 workout tape pops up online from time to time. For instance, here's something from Christmas Eve 2012. It really cannot be covered enough because each and every time, a new and delighted audience discovers it for the first time.

Without further ado:

There's so much going on there. And no matter how many times you watch and assurances are given, the immediate fear that this is an adult film creeps in as soon as it begins. What follows is either great release or disappointment.

The cast of characters simply keep on coming. America's youth may be horrified to know that this was basically our version of the Avengers. One just rarely saw such a concentration of mega-watt star power. Gary Anderson. Todd Christensen. Eric Dickerson. Tony Dorsett. Rulon Jones. Linebacker McBackerface. Reggie Williams. One of those is fake.

It would be natural to feel nervous that the NFL stars would go about a regimen far too intense for the Average Joe. That is simply not the case. In fact, there's not much sweat to be found.

On the bright side, it's a fantastic companion to any in-home workout plan. It can be done in even a cramped apartment and requires no equipment. It'd be reasonable to responsibly socially distance with a group class. Under no circumstances, however, should the prolonged and exaggerated high-five celebration be emulated.

If football ever comes back, it is absolute imperative that his studiomates replicate this thing for the masses. Another free idea for others to execute there.