Phil Mushnick on Katie Nolan: "Smug, Vulgar, Desperately Un-clever"


Katie Nolan won a Sports Emmy earlier this week. You won’t believe this, but Phil Mushnick was not happy about it. He does not like her language.

"Class Dismissed: Katie Nolan, host of FOX Sports 1’s “Garbage Time” — well named, as her show is predicated on appealing to young males who could confuse a smug, vulgar, desperately un-clever young woman for entertainment — last week won a sports Emmy. And to that she tweeted, unedited and all in upper case, “HOLY F***ING S**T YOU GUYS.” She stayed in character. If she was hired by FOX to perform like a no-upside, look-what-I-can-get-away-with bottom-feeder, she meets or exceeds the terms of her engagement."

Mushnick wondered “who – or what” finished runner-up for “Outstanding Social TV Experience.” Per the Emmy’s website, that would be either FS1’s “100,000 Cameras:Talladega,” ESPN 30 for 30’s “I hate Christian Laettner,” NFL Network Studio Shows’ “Social Media Integration,” and NBC’s “The 141st Kentucky Derby.”