Phil Mickelson Says Nobody in Golf "is remotely close to the level" of Tiger Woods


Phil Mickelson has had a pretty decent season. Except for a missed cut at the Farmers Insurance Open, he has finished tied for third, tied for 11th, and was runner-up at Pebble Beach. It would seem that the coaching change and swing changes have helped Phil out. Maybe it will help him win some money in his Tuesday matches with the young guys on Tour.

Although, Lefty doesn’t think any of those guys can rival Tiger Woods.

"Via “There is nobody in the game that I have seen that is remotely close to the level of performance Tiger was in his prime,” Mickelson said in an interview on the debut episode of GOLF LIVE. “Mentally, short game, or ball striking, I don’t think anybody matches him in any of those areas. And Tiger put them all together in one to create a career that is mind-boggling in the game of golf.”"

Not Rory McIlroy, or Jordan Spieth, or Jason Day, or Rickie Fowler, or Bubba Watson, or Dustin Johnson?

Phil is right. Each of those young guys have parts of their game that are excellent and they’ve used them to their advantage, but none of them have all of the tools in a single package like Tiger had.

"“As great as the young players are, the level that I’ve seen out of him, especially when you go back to 2000 at the U.S. Open and his performance when he held all four major championships at once, I think we’re decades away from anybody getting back to that level.”"

Personally, I believe it’s only a matter of time before one of them, or someone new, has a long, successful run. Will they ever reach Tiger’s level? Probably not, but we don’t have to watch and think “how would these guys do against Tiger in his prime,” when we can just watch and enjoy this group of talented young golfers battling it out every week.