Phil Jackson Feels the Media Was Unfair to Himself and Donald Trump

Phil Jackson and James Dolan during the good old days.
Phil Jackson and James Dolan during the good old days. / Maddie Meyer/Getty Images

Phil Jackson went on the Curious Leader podcast with Cody Karl this week. Jackson opened up about a number of things, including his three-year stint as an executive with the New York Knicks. Looking back on our archives, it was an incredible run where just about everything went wrong for Phil and the Knicks. According to Jackson, James Dolan did him a favor by letting him go. Still, Jackson actually believes he was treated unfairly in his time with the team. Especially by the media.

"I kind of understand what Trump had to live with probably for his first three and a half years in office with the media."

Does this mean that Jackson thinks the media was fair to Trump during the last six months of his presidency? Maybe it's best if we don't find out.

What we did find out is that he thinks he should have just coached, but physically couldn't. He also continued to blame Carmelo Anthony who was traded a few months after he was fired. Jackson seems to feel he was in an impossible situation because the media had chosen Melo. In the end, no one was right.