Tampa Bay Radio Announcer Phil Esposito Struggles to Identify 'Fat Yapper' in Toronto

Claus Andersen/GettyImages

The Toronto Maple Leafs desperately needed a win in Game 2 to even up their series with the Tampa Bay Lightning before it headed back to the United States, and they got it in convincing fashion, exploding for a 7-2 victory. With the outcome already decided, the two teams dipped into a classic playoff trope of trying to establish some physicality at the other's expense, leading to all sorts of administrative work for the officials.

Near the midway mark of the third period, Toronto's Luke Schenn and Tampa Bay's Tanner Jeannot were sent to the penalty box for fighting. Jeannot encountered some feedback from the patrons with expensive seats, which was noticed by Lightning radio commentator Phil Esposito.

"You got a fat woman whose yapping like crazy or is that a guy, I can't tell," he said.

Losing is hard, even for those in the broadcast booth.

If you really study the clip it seems like it's a dude in a yellow hoodie who is really giving Jeannot the business while a woman is dancing about having a grand ol' time before saying something in the referee's direction.

Tough beat for all involved.