PFT Commenter Twitter, Wife, Real Name, and More: Everything to Know About the Barstool Sports Personality

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PFT Commenter is one of Barstool Sports' most popular personalities, behind only Dave Portnoy and Dan 'Big Cat' Katz in recognition. He is also one of the hosts of the extremely successful Pardon My Take podcast for the company along with Katz. PFT joined Barstool in 2016,

PFT Commenter is a carefully crafted personality with a big social media following. Here is everything you need to know about him.

PFT Commenter Twitter

Here is the link to PFT Commenter's Twitter, where he gained much of his notoriety before joining Barstool Sports.

PFT Commenter Net Worth

Like his Barstool coworkers, PFT Commenter has no confirmed net worth. Celebrity Net Worth, however, slots PFT Commenter at a net worth of $2 million, which is an unsourced number.

PFT Commenter Real Name

PFT Commenter was born Eric Sollenberger. He kept his real name hidden for a long time before it eventually was leaked into the universe in an article published by Deadspin. He has not openly acknowledged that it is his real name outside of this blog.

PFT Commenter Wife

As one might expect from a person who kept their real name under wraps for years, there is very little information on PFT Commenter's personal life. He does not discuss the matter on any of the Barstool shows he appears on or in his rare writing adventures. He could be married, he could be single. Nobody knows, and that seems to be the way PFT likes it.

PFT Commenter Eyes

One of PFT's identifying features is his sunglasses, which he never takes off. Like, ever. You will not find a picture here of his eyes. They could be brown, they could be red, they could be entirely blue like Paul Atredies from Dune. Your guess is as good as mine!

PFT Commenter Stanley Cup

While PFT stays fairly impartial when discussing sports, he has a big soft spot for the Washington Capitals. He's a huge fan. So it only makes sense that he went buck-wild when they won the Stanley Cup a few years back. At that point. PFT had become known enough that some players knew who he was and let him drink out of the Cup.