Booger McFarland, PFT Commenter Face Off in a Battle of Peloton Workouts

Booger McFarland
Booger McFarland / Bob Levey/Getty Images

There are no sports on, and thus us in the sports media world are about as lost as the rest of you as far as how we fill our time. But perhaps the only positive outlook on the situation we currently find ourselves in is that we're all in this together, for better or worse.

Booger McFarland and Barstool Sports' PFT Commenter did their part in trying to keep the rest of us entertained. McFarland is apparently an avid Peloton bike user (yes, that Peloton) and sent out a call via his Twitter account for all of his followers to join him in a 2 PM workout. He also directly challenged PFT to a head-to-head battle.

As it turns out, McFarland, a former NFL athlete, puts up pretty big numbers on the Peloton, so the two came to a deal: if PFT finished within 305 kilojoules of McFarland's performance in a 45-minute workout, he wins. If McFarland beats him by more than that, the victory goes to the ESPN employee.

To use the betting vernacular, PFT covered the spread, but McFarland handled the ML with ease.

McFarland finished with 760 KJ and PFT ended up with 468 KJ, which is a difference of 292 KJ, according to my calculator app. PFT claims to have done this all with a broken foot, certainly a factor to keep in mind here-- but as he says, no excuses.