Peyton Manning to Referee: "That's the most bullshit call I've ever seen."


Peyton Manning completed a big second half comeback for the Broncos  tonight while Philip Rivers iced a sublime collapse by the Chargers. While the Broncos were trying to drive for a score that could have put the game away, Eric Decker was called for a ticky-tack offensive pass interference penalty that wiped out a big gain. Coming back from a commercial, Manning was shown “whispering” in a referee’s ear, informing him that the call was the most bullshit call he had ever seen. That is no light claim by Peyton Manning. He has been playing and watching football for years. I bet he has seen dozens of bullshit calls. Maybe more.

Update: Some people think Manning said “horseshit” instead of “bullshit.” Peyton does seem more like a horseshit kind of guy. I think it is whatever kind of shit you want it to be.