Peyton Manning Thought the Best Way to Get Traded Was to Poop on a GM's Desk


Because of some more serious developments, we have moved on from the fun discussion of whether or not Antonio Brown forced his way out of Oakland and to the Patriots. Which had some folks discussing some ways they think they could get fired or traded. And it turns out, if anyone is trying to find a way to get fired immediately, their first step should be calling up Peyton Manning. On The ThomaHawk Show (47:45 mark), former Brown Joe Thomas revealed the advice Manning once gave him to try and get himself out of Cleveland.

Get ready for it:

"“When I was in my seventh year, the Broncos were making a run, Peyton Manning was still the quarterback. Peyton called me up and basically asked me to go Antonio Brown on our GM at the time in order to get traded. Because there was some conversation about trading me to the Broncos because they had lost their left tackle for the season. And he asked me to go into my GM’s office and poop on his desk. “"

Thomas was never traded, so it’s safe to assume he never did this on his general manager’s desk. Or anyone’s desk in the Browns organization if we are trying to be more accurate in our guesses.

We should give Manning some credit here. There are a lot of ways that could get you traded, but few actually would like this course of action. Of course, this all depends on what type of boss you have. And also, what type of player you are. Thomas was great, no doubt. However, if Patrick Mahomes did this on Brett Veach’s desk, would he really be traded? I think Veach would probably just have to just clean it up. But, hey, we all react to these types of things differently.