Peyton Manning's Battle With PFT Commenter Continues

Barstool's PFT Commenter riles up Peyton Manning
Barstool's PFT Commenter riles up Peyton Manning /

Peyton Manning vs. is officially a thing. For the third straight week during the ManningCast, ESPN put up a tweet from PFT and Manning reacted to it with disgust.

Here's what happened Monday night:

That's a genuinely funny tweet, and it's even funnier when you know PFT's schtick. It's also hilarious that Manning doesn't seem to know who he is, since he was a guest on Pardon My Take in early August.

Here's the first instance of this happening during Week 1:

And here it is during Week 2:

PFT's reactions were pretty great:

This appears to be a recurring bit and and there has to be an associate producer on the show plugging these in every week. Eventually Peyton will figure it out.