Peyton Manning Went Totally Insane Courtside After the Nuggets-Lakers Game


For the second time in three nights, the Denver Nuggets were able to hold off a ferocious Los Angeles Lakers' rally to emerge with a 2-0 lead in the Western Conference Finals.

Peyton Manning, who rode an incredible Denver defense to a Super Bowl once upon a time, was in attendance with courtside seats and a gingham dress shirt tucked into jeans. As the final seconds ticked away at Ball Arena and the place went bonkers, Manning joined the locals in euphoric release.

His extremely memorable reaction was clipped and used on the most powerful social channels.

You just knew this was going to go viral the moment he was standing there with his hands in his pockets. That would have been enough. But to then clap his hands a few times, give a fist bump, wipe his nose a bit then return to his natural state? What could be more exciting and noteworthy than that?

This footage only getting one handclap emoji is criminal. This is a four or five handclap emoji reaction because Manning did clap them four or five times.

An older person might wonder what the big deal is about a person doing about five trademark Dad moves in rapid succession but they just don't get it like us kids do.