Peyton Manning Wanted Nothing to Do With ESPN Lingering on the Jaguars' Pool


The Jacksonville Jaguars hosted the Cincinnati Bengals for the most surprisingly thrilling Monday Night Football game of the season in Week 13. The game was played at EverBank Stadium in Jacksonville, which has pools - sorry, spas - overlooking the North End Zone. Despite the fact that it only reached a high in the low-70s on Monday, there were still people in the spa long after the sun went down which is why ESPN caught some fans looking a bit chilly in their swimsuits during the broadcast.

The shot was shown on the ManningCast and Peyton and Eli's reactions were both wonderful. Both Mannings were clearly amused, but Peyton kept his hand in front of his mouth as a clear sign he didn't want to say anything about what he was seeing. Eli, ever the more puerile of the brothers, reluctantly tried to carry the commentary by asking if Peyton had ever watched a game in a cold pool, but then he also chose to tread carefully while stifling laughter.

The real lesson here is that you should avoid pools during December, even if you're in Florida. Also, especially, if you're at a football game. Unless you're Robert Griffin III and you're doing it for the content.

Basically, inside you there are two swimmers. One is wearing a swimsuit. The other is a literal suit. In this case the literal suit is the right choice.