Peyton Manning Couldn't Hear Eli Manning on the ManningCast


The ManningCast featured some technical difficulties in Week 9 during the Las Angeles Chargers - New York Jets game. Peyton Manning was hearing nothing but static in his ear and was unable to hear anything Eli Manning said. Neither seemed too upset about the lack of clear communication, but Eli sounded annoyed about his brother repeating all his points on the broadcast.

"Eli, just keep doing more hand signals, because I can't hear a word that you're saying. There's static in my ear like you wouldn't believe. Like I said, it doesn't bother me because you know, I hear you a lot and I heard all your voice memos so just do a lot of hand signals and I think I can kinda tell what you're saying."

Peyton's earpiece was fixed during commercial as Eli promised. Which was especially important because a few minutes later Arnold Schwarzenegger joined the show. Schwarzenegger had promoted his appearance in a video with Peyton.

Imagine if after all that he hadn't been able to hear Eli's first question about how much Schwarzenegger could bench. Or Schwarzenegger's answer: He tops out at around 310lbs at 76-years old.