Peter Vecsey Quotes Biggie Lyrics With N-Word in Asterisks Referring to Enes Kanter and LeBron


Peter Vecsey has returned to regular NBA coverage this season with a Patreon page, and one of his observations from tonight’s Knicks-Cavs game quoted the Notorious BIG song N***** Bleed in relation to the Enes Kanter/LeBron James jawing session:

Vecsey has tweeted about his Biggie fandom for years. While my opinion from having studied him extensively for several months for this profile is that he in no way intended to be racist — this is someone who played in Rucker Park with Dr. J and has been a champion of many black players to receive the respect they deserve and not be forgotten by history — this was a problematic decision on his part to use the N-word from lyrics here. White people should not use the word in any context.

Nevertheless, it’s not in his nature to apologize: