Peter King Says He Smoked Weed With the Doobie Brothers

Peter King.
Peter King. / Bill McCay/Getty Images

At some point when you reach a certain age, the shackles of being politically correct are cast aside and you feel free to say whatever you want. Your retirement secure, your desire to be liked by everyone erased, there is no longer a burden of living up to expectations. Thus, you're more honest and open and likely to reveal an interesting fact about yourself long hidden in the annals of your brain.

It appears legendary NFL reporter Peter King has reached that point of his life.

While replying to a random question from a follower about marijuana and how much he consumed before writing NFL Predictions for NBC Sports, King replied that he did indeed once smoke a doobie with the Doobie Brothers in Ohio.

It's hard to decipher whether this is sarcasm or honesty. Either side seems reasonable. But because I'm an investigative internet sleuth journalist, I did some digging and was able to confirm through a Doobie Brothers concert site that the band played a concert at the Ohio University Convocation Center in Athens, Ohio, on September 27, 1978. It was a Wednesday.

King just so happened to attend Ohio University at that time. He was born in June 1957 so he was 21 at the time this concert took place and likely a junior or senior at the college. His next stop was the Cincinnati Inquirer, but that wasn't until 1980, so presumably, he didn't have to go and cover a football game that next Sunday. But that opens up the second question of how he got to be in the presence of the Doobie Brothers as a non-famous college student?

Regardless, I'm happy King is now at a place in his life where he feels open enough to talk about a past where he smoked weed with famous people. Whether true or not, the image of King puff, puff, passing to the Doobie Brothers in 1978 is one you can never forget.