Peter King Highlights Obstacles New England Faces in Keeping Tom Brady

Tom Brady
Tom Brady / Maddie Meyer/Getty Images

Peter King discussed Tom Brady's future with Mike Florio on Pro Football Talk Live this morning and concluded that his "gut feeling" is that the quarterback will play elsewhere next season. King did not report this, he was answering the question asked; however, the obstacles he highlighted shouldn't have Patriots fans resting so easy.

King's reasons will be hard to dispute. The first was how many things have to fall in place for Brady to stay put. It's not the easy route one may think. As King points out, the first step is getting the money right for Brady and not on a discount, like years past. This will be challenging given that they are in desperate need of offensive weapons that will, of course, cost money. Paying Brady top-level money ensures the team will have limitations in flexibility to improve the offense around him.

Outside of fan reaction, bringing Brady back with this year's weapons or close to it is pointless for New England. It was a struggle all year long and a repeat would be nothing more than a waste of a 43-year-old legend's time.

King added that he doesn't expect teams lining up out the door for Brady's services as they did when Peyton Manning was a free agent. This may irk the Brady side of the Brady vs. Manning fan war, but Manning was not 42 in 2012. The comparison isn't apples to apples.

I said it earlier today, the best fit for Tom Brady is with the Tennessee Titans. The most talked-about destination, outside of a return to the Patriots, has been with the Chargers. After the Patriots, Titans, and Chargers, logical fits become scarce. 

It's worth noting that, again, while King is not reporting this, there's a difference in him saying this versus talk show hosts throwing out ideas for buzz. King was asked this question and has never been one to "hot take" to get noticed.