Pete Rose is Still Trying to Get Over Fiancée Kiana Kim's Breast Reduction


He leans toward Kiana and asks, “What do we call those things, ‘His and Hers’?”

“Huh?” she says.

He drops his eyes.

“Oh, ‘The Sisters?’ ” Uppercase, proper noun-like.

Pete nods. Seems Kiana had breast reduction surgery five months ago and it didn’t sit well with the new old man.

“I was used to them for 4 ½ years,” Pete pleads, “and all of a sudden we aren’t going to have them no more.”

He sighs.

“It’s no problem,” he continues sadly. “She’s still bigger than most girls.”

Still, the loss was hard on Pete.

“Like I was taking candy from him,” Kiana says. “He was really upset. Now he’s used to it. He maybe forgets.”

Because he’s 71. Hang in there, Pete. You’ll always have the mamm… er… memories.

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