People Magazine Doesn’t Understand That Aaron Rodgers Has a Job

Kyle Koster

Yesterday People published an article about reality stars JoJo Fletcher and Jordan Rodgers hanging out with his family on vacation.

"Jordan Rodgers and fiancée JoJo Fletcher enjoyed a wintry vacation with his family at the end of December, but one person was visibly absent from the trip: older brother Aaron. Three weeks ago, Jordan, 28, and former Bachelorette JoJo, 26, traveled to the East Coast with his family, where the group enjoyed winter-themed activities together, including ice skating in ugly Christmas sweaters, pajamas and elf onesies. "

This is factually accurate. Aaron Rodgers was not there. The Green Bay Packers quarterback’s strained relationship with his family has been reported on extensively.

In November, Bleacher Report reported that Aaron has not spoken to his brothers or parents for two years. His father confirmed this to the New York Times, saying “fame can change things.”

Aaron Rodgers exists in a unique place. He’s one of the most visible athletes in the world. His romance with Olivia Munn put him in the crosshairs of celebrity gossip outlets. Jordan’s appearance on The Bachelorette and willingness to dish on the fractured relationship intensified the topic.

At a certain point, however, it’s worth asking if his absence at family gatherings is a notable aspect of Jordan-JoJo coverage. If he’s estranged, it goes without saying that he wasn’t at the wintry get-together wearing an ugly sweater. He’s not at any family gathering.

Now, if he showed up, that’s noteworthy.

It’s also worth pointing out that Rodgers probably couldn’t have been a part of the family time because he has a rather demanding job. Especially in late-December. While Jordan and JoJo were posting Instagram photos, Aaron was helping the Packers rebound from a 4-6 start to make the playoffs. He was busy putting together one of the best stretches of play in his career. Could have been a factor.