Finally, A Baseball Broadcast Without Announcers

Mark Cunningham/GettyImages

Do you like baseball? Even baseball between two hapless American League Central sides racing to the cellar before noon ET on a Sunday? Bored with the convention of having announcers call the game from a press box littered with Diet Coke cans? Well, NBC Sports has just the thing for you. Because on July 3, Peacock is trying out a non-traditional broadcast without any commenters.

From the release:

MLB Sunday Leadoff host and in-game reporter Ahmed Fareed, former Tigers outfielder and current Bally Sports Detroit analyst Craig Monroe, and NBC Sports’ Britney Eurton will take fans around Detroit’s Comerica Park throughout the game, providing viewers with a tour of the ballpark, unique viewpoints, conversations with special guests, and more.

And to the obvious follow-up question of what does that mean:

  • Tour of Comerica Park offering viewers varying perspectives of the stadium and field
  • Enhanced audio around the stadium
  • Unique camera positions throughout the stadium and the stands
  • Conversations with special guests throughout the game, including Tigers superfans in attendance
  • Focus on youth baseball and softball within the broadcast, including a Little Leaguer announcing the lineups
  • Celebration of July 4th weekend throughout the game

It's worth a try. Hell, most things are worth trying when it comes to the business of broadcasting baseball, a fiercely regional sport, nationally. There's been the predicted backlash to new rights partners like Peacock and Apple attempting to re-invent the wheel, but for my money, it's been exciting and almost admirable how many risks have been taken and innovations implemented.

Even as a Tigers fan, I am more likely to clear time on the schedule to see how Peacock negotiates this. It's far more compelling than the actual stakes of the game, which at this point are trending to the largely worthless drama of the home side dropping to 21 games under .500 or improving to 19 games under the break-even point.

Plus, this will be a good showcase for Craig Monroe, who should absolutely have a larger role on the Ballys Sports Detroit presentation. His personality is perfectly suited for such an endeavor and it'd be great to see him get some national plaudits.

As an added bonus, there will be a short reprieve from people complaining that the drop-in announcers are biased against their team. Everyone wins. Including either the Royals or Tigers. A rare treat in an otherwise bleak summer.