Paul Pierce Calls Out Jason Kidd and the Nets Coaching Staff


Twenty-six teams in the NBA have a better record than the dysfunctional Brooklyn Nets. Zero teams will pay more in the luxury tax this season than Brooklyn, which pushed all its chips into the middle over the summer in hopes of making a run at the NBA Finals. Too bad the coach they selected to lead this collection of talent is Jason Kidd. The Nets have a coach-killer (Deron Williams), a chucker (Joe Johnson), veterans with recent Championship experience (Terry, KG, Pierce), and they’re being led by a guy with zero experience as a coach?

Here’s what Paul Pierce said after the Nets lost in Detroit Sunday:

"“We got to understand teams aren’t going to play the same way they did in the first half as they did in the second half because teams make adjustments, especially when they are down,” said the former Celtics star. “And we got to realize that and adjust to that.”"

That qualifies as shots fired, no? Against the Pistons, the Nets led by seven at halftime, then Detroit blitzed them 34-15 in the third quarter, and Brooklyn was booed at home again in the 4th quarter. Tonight they travel to Toronto, which is lovely this time of year. Williams has been ruled out (ankle). Maybe Kobe will say something to the media in DC and nobody will pay attention to the Nets if they lose. [via CSN Northeast]

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