Who is the Actor Interested in Playing Paul Finebaum in the Sitcom Version of His Life?

Paul Finebaum
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The Big Paul Finebaum Sitcom Project remains on some important Hollywood desks in a manilla folder. Everyone's favorite SEC homer sat for a Q&A with the Charlotte Observer and gave an update on the title, revealing things are heating up.

The conversations are getting very serious. There is a major Hollywood production company involved and already several writers are working on the script to be pitched to the major networks soon. The biggest news is a well-known actor is extremely interested in playing the lead. We did a call recently and it was fairly bizarre having a successful Hollywood actor asking me about me. He is considerably younger, so the idea is to set the sitcom at an early point in my career.

Finebaum, on advice of producers, declined to reveal who that actor could be. One presumes it's not Matt Damon, who he joked would be portraying him. But who, pray tell, could this successful screen presence be?

Well, based on what we know -- that he's younger than the broadcaster -- it could be anyone. Yet one figures physical resemblance would play a major role in casting. It is unlikely to be be Timothee Chalamet or a replacement heir. With that in mind, and nothing else, it could be Michael Kelly of House of Cards fame.

Michael Kelly
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It's tough to imagine Doug Stamper fielding calls on Mississippi State's secondary -- and if he did -- he'd surely hate it. I can hear it how: a 3-3-5 is pointless if we're all going to die anyway. Life is a coin toss and politics is just overtime. Something else super breathy and mildly deviant and menacing.

If not, Kelly, then who? NoHo Hank, AKA Anthony Carrigan? Actually, that might be better.

Anthony Carrigan
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