Paul Finebaum: Johnny Manziel is "The Justin Bieber of College Football"


SEC somebody Paul Finebaum discussed Johnny Manziel on Sportscenter. He referred to the Texas A&M quarterback as the “antithesis” of Tim Tebow and “the Justin Bieber of college football.”

"“Never. The only one who comes close is (Tim) Tebow. But he was the antithesis of Johnny Manziel. Everything we said about Tebow was great. Your kids wanted to have their picture taken with him. He was a role model. Johnny Manziel is the opposite. He mentioned Justin Bieber a couple of weeks ago. In many respects, he is the Justin Bieber of college football because everybody is talking about him and not very much of it is very good.”"

Manziel may indeed by the antithesis of Tebow. He appears, by all accounts, to be human. As for a musical analogy, Manziel won the Heisman, beat No. 1 Alabama on the road and put up one of the best quarterback seasons ever, in his first season. We might opt for Jimmy Hendrix after “Are You Experienced?” Until Manziel stars depositing other peoples’ belongings in his drop-crotch leggings

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