Paul Finebaum: It's Looking Like College Football Will Move to the Spring

Trevor Lawrence
Trevor Lawrence / Maddie Meyer/Getty Images

The 4th of July has passed and we're suddenly staring at the back end of summer with fall approaching. That means college football is on the horizon. Players have already returned to campus where they are flunking coronavirus tests at an alarming rate. Things are not looking good. This morning on Get Up, Paul Finebaum said that college administrators are quietly discussing moving the season to the spring.

Also this morning, CBS Sports broke down the timeline for college football to take place as scheduled and also decided that things are not looking good for football by Labor Day. The Ivy League is going to announce whether or not they will postpone fall sports seasons on Wednesday. According to The Athletic, if the Ivy League does postpone, the other conferences could follow.

"Could the Ivy League’s decision regarding football be a harbinger of what’s to come at other levels once again? It’s possible. As one Power 5 administrator put it, a lot of university presidents — particularly those at top academic institutions in the Power 5 — consider Ivy League schools their peers. And they respect the level of research and expertise coming out of those campuses, as society at large waits for a COVID-19 vaccine. “My suspicion is that the majority of presidents in the FBS are uncomfortable with the notion of playing football this fall but for various reasons don’t want to be the first to step out and say that,” the Power 5 administrator told The Athletic. “So, more than anything else, that decision provides the cover they need. I expect it’ll be a big domino.”"

At this point you should be hoping for football in the spring because the next step is no football at all. And winter sports are going to be next. So wear a mask and maybe you will get to enjoy sports on your television again. That's better than nothing, right?