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Paul Finebaum Calls Bob Stoops "A Total Failure" At Disciplining His Players


Paul Finebaum clearly isn’t a big fan of the way Bob Stoops runs his program. On Wednesday he took to ESPN’s airwaves and blasted how the 56-year-old head coach handles discipline for his players.

The comments were prompted by Oklahoma quarterback Baker Mayfield claiming the team’s off-field behavior was not up to par. Finebaum responded by ripping Stoops.

Check it out:

Here’s the quote:

“I believe what they say is he’s a very good coach, if not a great coach, but when it comes to discipline, I believe he’s a total failure. I thought it was interesting what Baker (Mayfield) said there, about setting a good example. Bob Stoops had a chance to set an example a couple of years ago during the Joe Mixon case. Instead he looked around and tried to find an equitable way out that was going to be good for him and very bad for the university’s reputation. “When Bob Stoops talks, I don’t really listen, because I think he’s disingenuous when it comes to discipline.”

That’s a pretty damming indictment but it’s hard to disagree with Finebaum. Stoops’ handling of the Mixon case was atrocious and he’ll be answering questions about that decision for years.